Why HQ?

Nicholas Lalor MSCP

Why HQ Physio?


High Quality Physiotherapy

Registered with the ISCP

You’ll be treated by a Chartered Physiotherapist

Dublin & Offaly Clinics

Treatment are hands on in our two clinics

Exercise Demonstration

Both clinics are in fully kitted out gyms so you’ll get a clear demonstration of your rehabilitation plan in the gym and can discuss what you can and can’t do if you are a gym user, or want to become a gym user

Personalised Plan

You get your personalised rehabilitation plan e-mailed to you in video format which you can access by phone/tablet or PC

Gym Facilities

There is a close link between your physio and on-site personal trainers so, if you choose to, you can transition from treatment into a fully active and suitable personal or class based fitness program as soon as you’re able