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Nicholas Lalor MSCP  

Physiotherapy for the Executive World

For professional business people it can be difficult to take time from work and family life to see a Chartered Physiotherapist. To fit high quality treatment into a demanding diary, HQphysio provides an Executive Service.

The Executive Service is an on-site physiotherapy service tailored to your needs. These sessions are available as early as 5am and can be as late as midnight at your desired location. The cost of this service varies depending on what a client is being treated for and where they are based.

Each session with HQphysio begins with a comprehensive assessment which will facilitate accurate diagnosis of the physical complaint. Part of the assessment process is taking an accurate past medical history as this can influence what treatment is best for the client. In addition the presenting complaint is discussed in detail to gather information about the likely cause of the injury and its current state. Following the assessment hands on treatment helps to reduce the pain and soreness in a joint. This treatment may be massage, joint mobilization or a combination of these. Following treatment an exercise program is given to the client, which is designed to alleviate their symptoms.

The executive package takes place at a location of your choice with a portable plinth and equipment. Following the first session a plan will be put in place which meets your needs. The length of sessions, the location and times which suit you will be discussed. This is a treatment option which is designed to fit your work diary and cause no disruption to your work life. Contact HQphysio for more information.

Understanding Your Professional Needs:

  • Your personal physiotherapist
  • Treatment to fit your schedule
  • Your location, our expertise
  • Professional and confidential service
  • Precise, diligent & dependable