Sports Physiotherapy Birr

Nicholas Lalor MSCP


Sport at HQphysio

Sports Physiotherapy refers to rehabilitation, injury prevention and injury treatment. It also refers to working with teams and athletes on match days, during training sessions and other sporting events.  Strength, flexibility, endurance and control of movement are all aspects that are taken into account at HQphysio.

The treatment of sports injuries consists of assessment, diagnosis and treatment techniques such as muscle release and joint mobilisation. In addition exercise programs are prescribed to compliment the treatment which reduces the likelihood of an injury reoccurring or occurring for the first time.

Another key aspect is training error, which refers to the way someone trains incorrectly that predisposes athletes to injury. Training error such as poor squatting technique can lead to back and hip pain. Training error can also refer to incorrect planning of training loads such as going from running 5k to training for a marathon without any thought into how to transition this process.

At HQphysio every session begins with a comprehensive assessment. Our gym facilities allow athletes to highlight the weakness in their techniques. Joints related to the injury are tested and assessed to see if they have problems with tissue integrity, strength, flexibility or control of movement. Once this assessment has taken place a treatment plan is put in place which will involve hands on treatment, exercise prescription and re-assessment of the problematic movement or activity.

Sports physiotherapy incorporates the following:

  • Injury prevention
  • Rehabilitation
  • General maintenance of the active sports person
  • Training session and match day cover
  • Personalized rehabilitation plan
  • Supervision of rehabilitation and gym exercise technique