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Physiotherapy for Sports Injuries in Raheny and Donaghmede

At HQphysio we work with athletes of every level, from national teams to weekend warriors. After in-depth assessment and diagnosis of your injury we create a patient specific treatment and recovery plan to get you back competing, stronger than before.    

What Is Sports Physiotherapy?

Sports physiotherapy is the treatment of injuries most commonly caused by sporting activity and refers to rehabilitation, injury prevention and injury treatment. It also refers to working with teams and athletes on match days, during training sessions and other sporting events.  Strength, flexibility, endurance and control of movement are all aspects that are taken into account at HQphysio.

Sports physiotherapy incorporates Injury prevention, Rehabilitation, General maintenance of the active sports person, Training session and match day cover, Personalised rehabilitation plan, Supervision of rehabilitation and gym exercise technique.

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What does treatment at HQphysio involve for sports injuries?

The treatment of sports injuries consists of assessment, diagnosis and treatment techniques such as muscle release and joint mobilisation.

At HQphysio every session begins with a comprehensive assessment. Our gym facilities allow athletes to highlight the weakness in their techniques. Joints related to the injury are tested and assessed to see if they have problems with tissue integrity, strength, flexibility or control of movement. Once this assessment has taken place a treatment plan is put in place which will involve hands on treatment, exercise prescription and re-assessment of the problematic movement or activity.

After our detailed assessment of your injury we prepare a treatment plan for you involving the most relevant treatments to reduce the likelihood of an injury reoccurring. We have been treating sports related injuries for 13 years . The treatments we use at HQphysio Dublin include massage, dry needling, manipulation and a rehabilitation plan that is specific to your needs.

What type of sports injury do you treat in Dublin?

Some of the most common injuries we deal with include:

  • Muscle weakness
  • Repetitive strain injuries
  • Hamstring and groin injuries
  • Joint injuries including ankles, elbows, hips, shoulder
  • Loss of motion
  • Sports injury rehabilitation and recovery

At HQphysio Dublin your sports injury will be treated by an experienced physiotherapist who has worked at the top level of sports of every code

Nicholas Lalor, MISCP has worked with world renowned teams, athletes and organisations

  • Head Physiotherapist for the Irish Under 20s Rugby squad, who he has been working with since 2015
  • Charlton Athletic Academy
  • Western Australia Ironman
  • Brisbane Lions
  • Galway Senior Hurling Team
  • Leinster Rugby
  • Offaly Senior Camogie Team
  • Red Lions AFL
  • He has also worked in other sports such as Golf, Hurling, Camogie, Gaelic Football, Cycling, Cricket, MMA and Motorsports


What type of sports injuries do you treat?

What type of sports injuries do you treat?

At HQphysio Dublin we provide physiotherapy for all types of sports injuries. Sports injuries are either overuse injuries or due to trauma.

Physiotherapy for Traumatic Sports Injuries

Traumatic injuries can arise from collisions, falls, hard tackles, etc and include joint dislocation or sprains, bone fractures, cartilage damage or tears.

Physiotherapy for Overuse Sports Injuries

Overuse injuries usually do not result from a physical impact, but instead can arise from imbalance in muscle strength or repetition of a particular activity or movement. These can include tennis elbow, tendinitis, shin splints, pulled muscles, muscle knots, etc.

Health Insurance cover for Physiotherapy in Dublin

Health Insurance cover for Physiotherapy in Dublin

The cost of your physiotherapy treatment can be reduced by your health insurance, as all major Irish health insurance providers offer refunds for treatment by a Chartered Physiotherapist. At HQphysio, you will be treated by a Chartered Physiotherapist who will provide you with receipts for all treatment sessions that you receive.

To check your level of cover, please refer to your own policy for its terms and conditions.

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About HQphysio

HQphysio Dublin is a Chartered Physiotherapy Clinic in Raheny, located at Gravity Fitness, Harmonstown Road, Raheny in Dublin 5.

HQphysio Dublin provides physiotherapy for people of backgrounds and injury type, from injury rehabilitation to neck and back pain recovery to individuals, athletes and teams.

Our Facilities

HQphysio Dublin is a Chartered Physiotherapy Clinic in Raheny, based in Gravity Fitness, Harmonstown Road, Raheny in Dublin 5. It is a state of the art 2500sq. ft. gym with shower and changing room facilities and a private physiotherapy room where your sessions will be carried out.

Address: HQphysio, 144 Harmonstown Road, Raheny, Dublin 5


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